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Registration Dates and Conference Fee

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Registration and Fee Policy

For participants who want to attend the conference without any paper presentation, please complete the registration and payment of the registration fee via this page.


For participants who want to attend the conference and present paper in the conference, please read the below instructions. Before submitting abstract and being reviewed, conference participants are required to complete the registration and payment of  the registration fee*.

Invitation letter can be issued upon request for those who need to apply for approval and/or conference fund from their employer or fund resource. Please write to the organizer at

Refund: If abstract submission is rejected, the registration fee will be refunded. Please note that only rejected submission will be refunded the registration fee. Delegates are advised of the No Refund Policy for all cancellations for this conference. Delegates who are no longer able to attend may organize for replacement by another, however all detail regarding changes in the delegates registered must be received in writing and must be addressed to The Conference Secretariat, ICTMA19 at  7 days prior to the commencement of conference. Non-attendance of the delegate without any written notification for replacement with another will be treated as a cancellation and the replacement will not be admitted.

Attention! For the parallel presentations, conference delegates should indicate in their submitted abstract whether they would like to present for 45 minutes or 30 minutes, or to do a poster presentation, but the final decision lies with the IPC.

* Due to the specific rule that some institutions could not provide funding in advance, there would be authors who may need their proposals to be reviewed before their applying for funding. In this case, the author can send the abstract directly to with an explanation that they would pay the registration fee later when the proposal accepted and funding approved.

Go to Register

IMMC Zhonghua (IMMC-Greater China) provides system for registration and submission.


Please refer to the guideline for registration.

Please click here to register. 

Attention! For the extended accommodation at the residential college of CUHK, please register the Event "IMMC 2019 Greater China Summit cum Mathematical Modeling Summer Workshop" and register from here.

Download your attendance certificate. Please log in the registration system and go to "My Registration" and then "Registration History". Click "Download Certificate". Go!

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