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With the theme of “Mathematical Modeling Education in West and East”, ICTMA-19 will be a valuable occasion for over 200 researchers and educators with expertise in mathematical modeling from across the globe to meet each other to discuss all aspects of teaching applications and modelling in all areas and at all levels of education.

China has fostered its unique mathematical education which is influenced by the learning from other countries such as Japan, European countries, US and former Soviet Union; and deeply rooted with its profound culture established in a 5000-year history of civilisation, particularly Confucianism.


Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, and as an international metropolis, it is an educational and cultural hub of West and East.

Hosting ICTMA 19 in Hong Kong:

  • allows Chinese educators and researchers to learn and connect with the International Community of Mathematical Modelling and Applications and thus boost the promotion in Hong Kong and the rest of China in this field.

  • is a valuable occasion for mathematics educators and researchers from across the globe to get to know more about the development in the promotion of mathematical modelling and applications in the Greater China region.

ICTMA-19 will be the first international conference on mathematical modeling to be held in Hong Kong. It will show to the world that Hong Kong and the rest of China is keen on putting mathematical modeling and STEM education forward and creating a collaborative momentum in this field among the international community.

ICTMA logo_blue.png

The ICTMA-19 logo incorporates Chinese elements by using Eight Trigrams (Bagua, 八卦) in combination of octal and binary numerals. In ancient Chinese numeral systems, the Eight Trigrams (八卦) shows that the octal numerals can be made from binary numerals by grouping consecutive binary digits into groups of three. (An integral stick represents 1 and a pair of broken sticks, 0.) As shown in the logo, the Eight Trigrams represents 3743 in octal numeral system which reads as (011)(111)(100)(011) in binary numeral system. Their decimal representation is 2019.

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