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International Mathematical Modelling Challenge Committee (Zhonghua)

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The International Mathematical Modelling Challenge Committee (Zhonghua) is a charitable non-profit organisation registered in Hong Kong, which aims to promote the teaching of mathematical modelling and applications at all educational levels for all students.

It has successfully organised the annual competition, International Mathematical Modelling Challenge (IMMC) in the Greater China for four years, and has established broad networks of school teachers, principals as well as professors and professionals in mathematical modelling and its applications.

Supported by  the Quality Education Fund (QEF) of Hong Kong SAR Government, IMMC (Zhonghua) conducts the project (QEF No. 2016/0137) Promoting STEM Education through Learning and Teaching Mathematical Modelling and its Applications, to advance learning and teaching for secondary school students and teachers in mathematical modelling and its application. The project is building an environment of solving-real-world-problem and project-based learning by connecting schools with universities and industries.  

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